Storing Tips

You may purchase a range of packing supplies in our packaging accessory shop for the efficient use of your storage unit.

Here are a few top tips to remember when storing:

  • Plan your layout -Keep in mind those items most frequently needed should be nearest the door. A small walk-way will provide easy access to your goods.
  • Stack your things in similar sized boxes as they will be easier to stack. Fill boxes to capacity
  • Stack heavier items on the bottom but be sure not to over pack boxes so they get too heavy and dangerous
  • Label all boxes on all sides. Again, this will save you time in the long run. We sell special labels for this purpose
  • Make up an inventory of your stored items and keep it in a safe place at home
  • Lamps, picture frames, mirrors, and lamp shades should be packed separately for their protection. Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in bubble-wrap or blankets, covered with cardboard, marked "fragile" and stacked on end
  • Garden equipment should be cleaned before storing
  • Wrap table legs with bubble wrap before storing
  • Place heavy or bulky items in the room first to provide a good stacking base
  • Furniture should be disassembled. Stack nightstands on dressers and stand sofas on end. Furniture with drawers can be utilized as storage places for knickknacks, china, silverware and small items. Coat your wood furniture with plenty of polish
  • When storing appliances be sure to clean them out first! Leave the door slightly open on refrigerators and microwaves to prevent mildew. Bread soda absorbs moisture
  • Store mirrors and paintings on end. Do not lay them flat. Wrap and indicate they are fragile

Consider our unique split level rooms, a blend of ground floor and upstairs store rooms for separating large and delicate smaller items.


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