What is Self Storage?

Elephant Self Storage is a unique, secure, do-it-yourself storage service in Dublin.

                   A. You bring your goods to us.
We show you a selection of storage units

                   C. You choose the most suitable size

                   D. Pay only for the space you need.

You can move to a larger or smaller storage unit as your needs change. You can use self storage units on a short or long term basis. There are no hidden charges, no rates, no service charge, no handling fee, no utility bills and no maintenance costs.

Your Storage unit is totally private and only you have access to your room. You are the only key holder.

You can access your goods as often as you like without prior arrangement.

To save you time, we'll even accept package deliveries when you can't be there.

It's just like booking a hotel room.

You can store without delay, just sign up and move in immediately.

Storage reception
Give 14 days notice when you want to leave (after the first month)

Fill in our easy Storage Quote form and let Elephant Self Storage Dublin take care of your self storage needs.

Our customers include
Antique dealers,
Interior Designers,
Wine Merchants,
Retail suppliers,
Coffee Suppliers,
Pharmaceutical Companies,
Cosmetic wholesalers,
Cleaning Companies,
Media firms,
Property Management Companies,
Art Dealers,


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